So I was  waiting to see Meri Pyaari Bindu a Yash Raj Films, 2 actors Ayushmann, & Parineeti Chopra, both of whose work I have enjoyed. Maneesh Sharma and produced by newcomer Akshay Roy Helmed. MPB has gained a positive response to their trailers, songs and music, but can you win more as a complete package?

The film revolves around Abhimanyu Roy aka Bubla and Bindu who have little in common and their journey. While Bindu is a free-spirited girl who lives life on her own terms, it is her puppet Bubla also happens to be madly of this remarkable girl. The duo are as different as the day and yet they share a bond that is so special that they are almost irreplaceable in the lives of others. However, when two people try different things and times, where two people end up being in the right place at the wrong time things can / do not work. And the same thing happens with Abhimanyu and Bindu, they get together, things are breaking up, they come together and …. Well, you can see the movie to know what happens at the end. In the middle of all this, you get a preview of what are actually two above. Abhimanyu has become a famous adult film writer, who is as popular as Chetan Bhagat. She’s trying to break the genre for adults and give her a purer love story for almost two years. Ultimately is the idea of ​​this book in his romance with Bindu. The film moves back and forth in the past and present, as Abhimanyu talks about his story with Bindu.

Ayushmann and Parineeti Chopra give their shot one hundred percent lack depth. The two replica stars are good lead pieces and look adorable together. Their camaraderie is natural and easy and gives MPB feel and easy breeze. A special mention for Parineeti Chopra who looks good and can play his cars, spontaneously so easily without a mustache Flaunt document acting appropriate. The actress shows every time she deserves an opportunity and can provide almost any role. Ayushmann is also fascinating and can do his part for justice.

Music and music retro-Sachin Jigar is soothing and goes well with the romantic theme of the film. Although 70 and 80’s music you like, and themes like Hum Dil Afeemi Mana weave magic too. Photograph of the film Tushar Ray is good. Characters such as parents and Abhimanyu do a good job within the limited framework they have.

Well, history lacks the claw and so does the narrative. There is no higher point of the film, Suprotim Sengupta, in an attempt to make the film ends, is so common that it lacks flavor. Comedy character attached to the adult writer is too obvious and predictable. There are too many references like stereotyped women and hot characters (like Savita Bhabhi) who try to hit in Abhimanyu. The timing of the film lacks logic. For example: Because Abhimanyu and Bindu were five years old when they met and although the first was a smart boy graduates then only at the age of 24. And it is through his post-graduate degree a little too fast to bag a post work. The style of the 90’s is something other than those responsible for all evil. While the radio, tape recorder and tapes that were part of the 80’s and 90’s work the characters of the film is very Millenium. Manager Akshay Roy will not enjoy the love of Abhimanyu or connect to the indecisive nature Bindu.

The film is smooth and free of debris sticking to most commercial Bollywood films of this genre. The characters are shallow and fragile argument makes Meri Pyaari Bindu a tedious watch. Ayushmann and Parineeti are the only melody in tune this out of the love story. And yes, if it were not for Ayushmann and Parineeti, this movie is boring!