Sunny Leone is someone who is constantly controlled and ignored by her Bollywood contemporaries in her early years. She was also considered to be an older adult star, including sponsoring an interview she ran with grace and a sparkle in her eyes. Despite many efforts of the glamorous world of him down, he did not give up. The case in question, the recent controversy in which Ram Gopal Varma has passed an insensitive remark, “I wish every woman gives a man of the same happiness as Sunny Leone gives.” Sunny without blowing the problem out of proportion, and without even having the director’s name, said: “Choose your words wisely.” her words well think that they did the magic and an excuse for RGV were presented in her comment “without accidental sense”.

This is just a case where Sunny has won our hearts with her subtle response and her fighting attitude. There were many others in which the actor has shown that the negativity of her shock does not affect. In several cases she said very actively with the “lock” button in her life, since the former Big boss contestant does not even want to try to change her stereotypical perceptions about her industry.

As Laila Sunny Leone at Bollywood celebrates her 36th birthday today, we have compiled a list of the best quotes from her many interviews. We are sure that, like us, you will love even wrist movie industry.